We go above and beyond for our clients because we know they ARE our success.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us



“I had a great experience with Jennifer & SMMcast during the design of the gobo for my wedding. She took the time to make sure it was absolutely perfect for my big day. Her attention to detail and the way that she cared about making sure I was happy with the final design was uncanny. You don’t see that much anymore. She responded to emails within hours. I would highly recommend SMMcast for logo designs, websites, social media or anything else online.”

Pamela M. – Wedding Gobo


“SMMcast is extremely professional and very versed in social media, social marketing and other online modalities. If you’re looking to take your online presence to that next level, I couldn’t recommend SMMcast more. They will get you the bottom line sales and growth you’re looking for guaranteed!”

Sarah D. – Model and Author of “Supermodel You”


“SMMcast was brilliant in helping us create, design and implement our website and social media content. In our industry, which changes very rapidly, it is great to have a social media outlet and the tools that allow us to reach out to clients quickly with ease to inform them of changes, which may affect them in the purchase of their most precious asset, their home. Jennifer and her professional staff are well equipped and greatly in tune with the social media environment and we highly recommend SMMcast to accomplish your social media needs. They are industry professionals.”

Phil J. – Plunkett & Graver, P.C.


“SMMcast did a great job of setting up my social media network. Then they taught me how to use it. They went way beyond what they were required to do and continues to help me when needed. I would highly recommend SMMcast.”

Jeff S. – Healing Compassion


“SMMcast consistently provides strong and meaningful leadership in the development and implementation of our social media marketing plan. SMMcast connects us directly with the business and consumer communities alike and, as a result, we are experiencing undeniable financial benefits.”

Jonathan K. – Asylum Entertainment


“Jennifer has been a tremendous help with my company’s website and Social Media. Her web design, site optimization and Social Media background were key in revamping my new site and expanding my Social Media platform. She’s also very personable and patient which made the process easy.”

Brett H. – Hoebel Fitness


“Jen and SMMcast — thank you!!! Extremely helpful, professional and fast. A BIG time-saver! Highly recommended.”

Robin G. – Robin’s Custom Travel


“It’s allowed us to communicate with our clients in a better fashion because more people are on Facebook on a daily basis and it’s actually been quite unique to communicate with our clients on a more personal level and a level that’s more comfortable for them.”

Rose N. – The Laser Genie and Cinega Spa


“Jennifer is one of the best in the industry and she does whatever it takes to get the job done…right. We have worked together for many years and since day one she has always delivered an exceptional result within extremely tight time frames for me. I remember when we first began working together she would email me back and I was shocked because it would be long after any normal persons working hours. Jennifer has always made lofty promises and has delivered on those promises 100% of the time.”

Brad W. – Realtor


“Jennifer has been a professional, courteous, prompt and extremely helpful service provider for me. My website was created in 2002 and anytime I have have concerns or issues they have been addressed immediately by her. She has been my go to person and I have been able to count on great service over the years.”

Reev R. – Rohter & Company