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Social Media
We setup your social media profiles the correct way, reserve your vanity links and create design assets that are consistent with your branding. SMMcast will show you how to leverage your social media profiles to increase your brand awareness, engage with your customers and generate new sales.
SMMcast provides custom designed websites at a reasonable cost with the option to utilize the WordPress CMS. We guide you every step of the way and make sure you include important sales generating tools such as lead capture forms, email collectors and make sure you have a click to call phone number from any mobile device that is accessible on any page of your website.
SMMcast will create a video content strategy that will generate new customers for your business. After video research and a competitor analysis, we will suggest several video ideas that you could film. We can also shoot, edit and upload your videos to YouTube or other video platform of your choosing. Learn more here.
Did you know that a business that has a blog will typically see double the traffic of those that do not have a blog? We can get you setup with a blog that matches the design and style of your website, help you decide what you will blog about and suggest a contest posting schedule so you get the most out of your company blog.
Landing Pages
Landing pages are most often used when doing paid advertising on Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, YouTube or any similar search engine. When you set the target URL where you want your ad to go once clicked, it should always go to a unique landing page. Let SMMcast design a landing page with Call To Actions that are proven to increase your leads.
Marketing Sites
Do you have a new show or book that you want to promote, but it’s too much information for a blog post alone or one page on your website? A marketing website is a mini-website that can prove to be beneficial to your online promotion strategy. SMMcast can help you build the perfect marketing site that is an extension of your website and is consistent with your online branding.
Online Branding
SMMcast can help to make your online and social media presence look professional and consistent across the web. From designing a logo to creating a brand identity, SMMcast will translate your company’s mission into a digital format that will stand out from your competitors.
Logo Design
From creating a gobo for your wedding or creating a logo for your new business cards, we will create just the right look and feel that you were going for. We know how important a logo can be that that is why SMMcast will work with you until we get your logo perfect.
Website Maintenance
Do you already have a website but just need some changes or pages updated? Let SMMcast help get your updates done fast! All we need is access to the hosting provider where your site lives. Once you provide us access, we will download your web files and make the changes based on your needs.
Are you launching a new product or a new movie? SMMcast will come up with a strategic online plan using social media, blogs, websites, cross-promotions, crowdsourcing, video content and other online avenues so that you can create the most buzz for your launch.
Hosting is what allows your website to show up when you type in your domain, such as www.SMMcast.com, into your browser’s address bar. Think of it has a “home” for your online assets. Whether you need a hosting provider for your website, blog, landing page or Facebook custom pages, we provide low-cost hosting service with unlimited GB Hosting Space.
Need to know best practices for setting up social media or using social media at your company? Want to know if you should have a newsletter signup on the homepage of your website? Want to know how to code YouTube videos so they show up in the search rankings and recommended videos? Let us educate you on how to get the most out of your website, blogs, social media, video strategy and more.