How To Create A Name For Your Business

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Thinking of a name for your business that no one else has can be tough. Here are some tools that might help you in your process.

Check out these third party business name generator websites that can help brainstorm some ideas:

  1. Business Name Generator
  2. Panabee
  4. Dotomator 2.0
  5. Name Thingy
  6. Naming
  7. Netsudbstance
  8. Rhymer
  9. WordLab

Or you can also pay this company, Biz Name Wiz, to come up with some ideas for you! When you finally settle on your new business name, make sure you can get a .com domain name.

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Getting a domain name for cheap

Check out for the cheapest prices. Before your purchase, make sure you Google “Godaddy promo codes” to find a promo code that you can type it during your domain name checkout to get a few bucks off your order. Look for a promo code that says something like “cjcfw199” that you can type into the Godaddy promo box at checkout. Do not click on the links on the promo code site that say “Shop Now.”


You’ve got your business name and .com domain name, now what?

Once you’ve got your business name and your domain names secured, the next step is to secure all of the social media handles. For example, if your domain name is, then you’ll want to secure,,, etc. If there is a social media platform you’re not sure if you will ever use, grab your vanity URL anyways and keep the username/password in a secure place in case you decide you want to use that social media platform for your business in the future.

The next step after securing all of your business URLs, is to have a logo for your business created. This is important to do even before you start building a website. Your logo will brand your site and will be the starting point for colors, font size and style, etc.

If you’re at this step, give us a call and we can help you get started on a beautiful company logo today!

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