Embed a YouTube Video Into Your WordPress Blog in 10 Easy Steps!

Embed YouTube on WordPress

1. Navigate to the YouTube video that you want to embed within your blog post

2. Click the Share tap beneath the YouTube video

3. Click on the Embed tab

4. If it defaults to Use Old embed code, make sure you uncheck that box. The code should start with the word “iframe”

5. You may also want to check the other two boxes as well

6. Here you can also select the video size as well using the drop-down

2014-06-13_18-19-117. Highlight all of the code in the box but right-clicking or Edit > Copy

8. Go back to your WordPress blog post and make sure you’re using the “Text” editor not the visual editor before you paste.

9. Paste the code where you want the video to appear by using Command + V or Edit > Paste from your menu bar

10. Save your draft, then click Preview to make sure it looks good.

View an embedded YouTube video in a WordPress Blog Post

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