9 YouTube Resources You Need To Know

YouTube Creator Playbook

Okay so you’ve decided you want to get started on YouTube and want to learn everything you need to know, but where do you start? Here are all the resources you will need:

  1. The YouTube Creator Playbook
    This is your YouTube bible. Learn it. Live it. Do It. Love It.
  2. YouTube Creator Hub
    The YouTube Creator Hub provides all kinds of resources including videos showing you how to light your shoot! Just click on the Create Better Content tab, then click on Video Tutorial to check out all their helpful tips to shoot, light and produce a great looking video.
  3. YouTube’s Help Center
    This Help Center is actually helpful. It is full of information and resolutions from others that have the same issue you might be experiencing.
  4. YouTube Creator Academy
    The YTCA was created to help Creators learn more about the new One Channel design. I went through it myself and receive a letter of confirmation.
  5. Video’s Made By YouTube
    This can include YouTube’s Help Channel, YouTube Creator Academy, or the YouTube Creator Hub channels.
  6. How-to videos created by other Creators
    If you ever have a YouTube or website question, just emial it to me at info@smmcast.com and in return, I’ll send you a video answering your question. Searching YouTube for your question is a great way to solve problems as well. If YouTube hasn’t already answered it on one of their channels above, someone else has.
  7. Books
    Books, such as theĀ Dummies Guide to YouTube, can be great when you’re just getting started, but the problem is that YouTube changes so quickly that your book could already be out of date.
  8. YouTube Events
    Go to events that hold YouTube seminars and events. Look for people that might be speaking at the event who specifically work at Google/YouTube. And even if the seminar isn’t great, it’s a terrific opportunity to network and meet people who may be able to tell you some things about YouTube that you didn’t already know.
  9. YouTube Subscriptions
    I encourage you to subscribe to some of your favorite channels that provide how to YouTube videos and content that might interest you. For example, I recommend subscribing to the YouTube Help channel and make sure you check the box that says you want to receive an email every time they add a new video.

There are many other ways to learn about YouTube, but these should get you started!

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