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How To Create A Name For Your Business

by SMMcast - Social Media & Marketing Sites
August 4, 2014

Thinking of a name for your business that no one else has can be tough. Here are some tools that might help you in your process. Check out these third party business name generator websites that can help brainstorm some ideas: Business Name Generator Panabee Dotomator 2.0 Name Thingy Naming Netsudbstance Rhymer WordLab Or you [...]

Embed YouTube on WordPress

Embed a YouTube Video Into Your WordPress Blog in 10 Easy Steps!

by SMMcast - Social Media & Marketing Sites
June 13, 2014

1. Navigate to the YouTube video that you want to embed within your blog post 2. Click the Share tap beneath the YouTube video 3. Click on the Embed tab 4. If it defaults to Use Old embed code, make sure you uncheck that box. The code should start with the word “iframe” 5. You [...]